Steps For Writing an Essay

Steps For Writing an Essay
Writing is a difficult chore for many people. While sometimes the task can be overwhelming, a little organization and knowing the steps to follow can help.
1. Get organized.

If it for an academic or professional assignment, read the directions first. Perhaps you should read them through several times. Then gather all your resources and notes together so you can plan what you intend to include in the work.

2. Read the directions again.

Create a plan or outline for your essay. After you create the outline go back and flesh out each bullet with fully developed point by point discussion. After you have developed the outline go out and locate supporting evidence and quotations for illustrating important points and to lend authority to your work.

3. Draft an introduction

Identify the main idea you wish to present in your essay and begin to write an introductory sentence or two. It should present a general overview as well as all key points in a vivid, clear presentation style. Develop a thesis statement that tells what is the objective of the essay. A good thesis will:

Make a claim that generates discussion Controls the entire paper Gives the presentation structure

4. Supporting details

Supporting details should address and reinforce the thesis. Supporting detail must be organized, pertinent, and thoroughly detailed.

5. Complete first draft of paper

The initial draft of a paper is the same as the rough draft. Once you get it out and on paper the hardest part is over.

6. Revise draft

How do you proofread your own work? You first read it through for order and ease of reading. After you note any changes, you take the next version and read it out loud. Reading an essay out loud makes the reader attentive to the "flow" of the language in the work. Awkward sentences, run on sentences, and poorly structured arguments tend to jump out at the author when the work is read out loud. Some things to consider are:

Introduction - engages the reader, sets the tone for the paper, defines all key terms, and thesis makes a point worth reading about.

Supporting paragraphs - relate back to thesis statement. Have a logical flow from point to point. Conclusion - sums up the paper and restates thesis in different terms

If a writer will follow these tips when writing their next essay, the writing will be tighter and the end product will have more cohesion. Writing is a process. Knowing the steps to the process make the job much easier.

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