A Brief Essay on Christmas

A Brief Essay on Christmas
Christmas is a time of renewal. A time when the best in humanity is
called forth amid the safety of traditions. A time when it feels good to give, when
grievances are abolished, when Heaven comes to Earth for a moment.
We tend to think of Christmas as a time for children, but what if
Christmas gives each of us the opportunity to be the Child? To have wise men bring
priceless gifts to us, to be held by an adoring mother and father while shepherds
and other good folk admire us, to feel that everything will be okay...forever? What if
Christmas is a chance to start fresh? Clean slate. New.

Instead of offering the New Year resolutions, we could give it our
brand new selves. We could leave behind the mistakes, the regret, the hurtful
words, all of it. Surely Christmas is a perfect time to start over, to make big
changes, to do a turnaround. If we could see ourselves as the adored Child, we
might remember our innocence.

This Christmas, I invite you to be the Child. Cradle yourself. Gift
yourself from wise men and women. Start your life out the way you have always
wanted, by acknowledging your bountiful gifts of spirit, with angels shouting from
the glorious heavens that you, a very special human being, are reborn. Be close to
the Earth in your manger, with a loving Father and Mother allowing the shepherds to
come close (but not too close) to adore you. Include the animals in your rebirth,
and realize with them that you are always loved.

Know that you are a cradled, gifted, adored Earth child, with a
loving Mother and Father who are just a heartbeat away. Take this new you into the
New Year, resolving to express your joyful new self to all you meet.

May Peace be your priority, Hope your foundation, Joy your
birthright, and Love your gift.

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