Tips on Writing an Impressive Geography Essay

Tips on Writing an Impressive Geography Essay
Geography as a subject has an aura surrounding it. Irrespective of the numerous studies done on geographical topics there is still an air of mystery surrounding this interesting subject. While some may be captivated by the vast knowledge the subject covers some may find it slightly dull. The key point to be noted here is that the subject is not boring but its impact depends on how it is presented to the audience. When you write a geography essay your thought process should be focused only on one point and that is "how should I keep my reader entranced in my essay?"
Don't consider the essay to be a part of your boring curriculum. If your heart and soul is not in what you write you would never be able to write an impressive essay. For writing your geography essay with passion it is advisable to pick up a topic you personally feel very strongly about. Take a topic which has attracted you and about which you would like to research. You would also be able to incorporate your personal views as the topic is close to your heart.

Choose topics that have a certain amount of mystique surrounding them and on which your essay can shed some light. Don't go in for some mundane topic on which people have been writing since ages. Create your USP by picking a topic that is comparatively untouched, exceptional and can generate a debate. You may take a topic like the following:

Global Warming- How can you contribute to controlling it?

Conservation - The harsh reality

The mystique of Estonia

Where did the lost city of Atlantis really go?

Decide the framework of your essay before you start writing your geography essay as it would prevent you going astray and maintain focus on the topic. The general framework of your essay should be something like this:

Impressive title

A brief and concise introduction

The body of the essay covering all the known and unknown aspects of your topic


The body of your essay should be informative and succinct. Here you need to make the reader aware about the facts surrounding your topic, the unknown aspects of the topic and your opinion about the same. When you present your personal views be sure to validate with appropriate data as it would add to the authenticity of your essay. Try to evoke questions in the mind of the reader as he reads your geography essay. The impact you make should not be transitory and it should make a long-lasting impression.

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