College Admission Essay

College Admission Essay
All you wanted to know about College admission essay:

Isn't it ironic, that a 500 word article will decide your course of career, will decide your Dream College or University? Sad, but true and each one of us need to accept this bitter fact that even our high scores can do little out here. No matter whatever score you have in the entrance exam or however academically good you have been through out your schooling, without a good essay, it can be a Herculean task to get into the top notch universities or college. The applications are multiplying day by the day for limited seats. This tells you that you are not only competing with students in your school alone but also around the world as well. So the competition is tough for you as well the college management. If you want to fulfill your dreams, you need to stand out from the crowd. There is a very thin line between selection and rejection and it is up to you where you want to stand. College admission essays are not that dreadful as most of us make out of it. In fact it can be a gateway to many who don't have impressive scores. This can be a great opportunity to let the admission committee know how good you are, what is your perspective, experience and background and why should they select you apart from your academic credentials.
Tips to remember while writing a College admission essay:

First and foremost you need to decide on the topic, whether you want to write about yourself and some of your experiences or would like to talk about a particular issue or a hobby etc. Whatever the topic might be, you need to first pen down the points you want to include in the essay. Keep the language as simple as possible as most of you can be first time writers and any experiment with vocabulary can be harmful. The introduction should be very catchy as the admission officer will go through your essay for not more than a couple of minutes and during this period you need to develop curiosity and interest in the essay. The body of the essay should be informative and impressive. Needless to say that grammar, punctuation, syntax and sentence formation should be accurate in college admission essay. There is no need for your language to be flowery. Also do not use words like 'this' or 'it' or any pronouns too many times in your essay. Make sure there are at least three paragraphs excluding the title to the essay. You need to maintain a perfect balance and flow throughout the essay. The concluding paragraph should be providing a solution to the issue addressed in the body of the essay and should maintain the flow. After completion one should read and reread as many times as possible. You can verify the essay with your parents and professors. Consider their feedback and apply it wherever needed. So go ahead with confidence and with a relaxed mind, as new avenues are opening for you.

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