MBA Statement of Purpose Essay Strategies

MBA Statement of Purpose Essay Strategies
Applying to your potential MBA programs out there can be a bit of a daunting task. You've probably been working for a few years, and with any luck you're also doing volunteer work and working to further yourself as an outstanding individual. If not volunteer work, you got your GPA, you studied your GMAT and passed, and now it's time to send out those applications. With those applications, though, comes the idea of showing off your skills through the MBA statement of purpose essay portion of your application. So that means you need to start brainstorming and researching each of those programs you want to go to.
So you get your first draft of those essays done. The next step is to find a consulting agency that will help edit your MBA statement of purpose essay. This is a very different process than that of simply editing an essay for a college class, mainly because these editors won't just be checking for style and grammar, but also will be helping you craft your essay into a completely different direction. With a consultant looking at your essays, your typical process will start with a quick edit for the grammar, formatting errors, and also content. That first actual round of your essay editing, though, will mean very extensive feedback. If you're wondering why, it's for one main reason.

In that first round of editing, your consultant is going to make the key decisions with your essays to make sure it is geared towards the school. It's all about your approach, and the MBA essay editing consultant wants to give your essay the strong approach that suits the school so that they see you as their perfect candidate whose goals match their program. It can be discouraging, especially if writing essays isn't your forte or your favorite part of the application process, but don't let it get to you. Look at editing as taking the strengths in your essay and then expanding upon them. You should feel good when your paper comes back with a lot of notes in red and suggestions on directions to go, as it means your consultant has found the potential in your essay and wants to bring it to the front for your admissions representatives.

After you've had a chance to look through those notes, choose an approach suggested by your consultant, and then revise the errors. You'll wind up bringing it back for a second review. Again, you normally will have a consultant looking over this next draft to make sure that you stay focused and can make changes that bring out the strengths in your essay, while removing the weaknesses. Now that you have a draft that has a particular approach, this second edit will probably go faster, as the focus will now be on making sure your goals and the approach work together.

From then on, you will probably have a few more meetings with your consultant to make sure that your MBA essay editing process goes smoothly and that you have a winning essay.

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