The Importance Of Scholarship Application Essays

The Importance Of Scholarship Application Essays
If financial need is a priority for students without family responsibilities, you can imagine they are double for single parents who are trying to obtain a college degree. Fortunately, more scholarships are available specifically for single parents, but the competition for being selected can be fierce. So, one has to set him or herself apart from the crowd and stand out. This can be achieved by writing an exceptional essay.
When completing a scholarship application, the most important thing to remember is that the application is a representation of you. Unless you are applying for some type of fellowship or full scholarships, you probably will not have an in-person interview. So, you have to make sure your application presents you in the best way possible. Although GPA and letters of recommendations play a role in the decision-making process, it is the essay that can make or break an application.

Many times, the application may give you the topic upon which you are to write your essay. Topics such as overcoming obstacles, financial hardships, and education goals are usually provided to help with writing your essay. Again, these are all general topics, so the key is to find a specific topic from within and make it personal and unique to you.

Scholarships for single parents are in existence because the provider knows the struggle the applicant is facing. So, the essay should reflect the need and desire to make good use of the scholarship award. Consequently, it is a good thing to be as personal in what you are trying to convey, yet professional in your writing. Be honest about your needs, detailing the hardships you have endured and the need for assistance.

At the same time, avoid a "woe is me" attitude. Be sure to exemplify an optimistic attitude about your personal convictions and the goals you are excited to pursue. Give examples of past challenges and how you overcame them. Stories are a great way to reveal your personality. Remember, the essay needs to represent who you really are. Do not be afraid to show some vulnerability, but also show resilience and a "can do" attitude.

If you are given the liberty to choose your own topic, you might want to consider choosing a topic that is close to your heart. Think about instances involving your children. It can never be a bad idea to expound upon your desire to be an example for your children, exemplifying perseverance and excelling at academics.

Another important element that you should consider including in your essay is how you plan to give back. It is so important for your benefactor to know you will not take your gift for granted. Paying it forward is very important when receiving a scholarship award. Be specific in your intentions for giving back. If you are already volunteering or providing assistance to others in need, you might consider using this as your essay topic.

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