Problematic Essay Topics That Students Prefer to Avoid

Problematic Essay Topics That Students Prefer to Avoid
The ability to write a successful and compelling essay containing all important matters and supporting them with ingenious examples is an essential thing at studies and later in many professions. That is why writing an essay is one of the exam components and each student has to be able to express him or herself on a great variety of topics. Some issues that students have to deal with seem to be difficult to write about, especially at once during the exams. What may seem to be hard to describe depends on individuals' interests, knowledge and experience. However, controversial and research topics are the two absolutely worst and problematic exam subjects for a great majority of them because of a few major reasons.
The first type of hard-to-cover topics are definitely the controversial ones. The main difficulty stems from the seriousness of the topics towards which young people do not have a strongly clarified attitude yet or are afraid to express their opinions on such ambiguous issues. They still lack experience in many fields of life so they cannot voice their points of view clearly enough without longer consideration of all these controversial problems. Then, many young people have not encountered many situations so may have difficulties with supporting such a topic with proper examples. Their supporting paragraphs lack strong argumentation that could cover a great deal of doubts arising from topics like euthanasia or abortion. Furthermore, what is difficult is that controversial topics require some deeper knowledge about the circumstances in a sphere of life. It is not easy to write about medical malpractice or mental health policy while not knowing the current situation in depth.

Partial knowledge in a vast majority of topics connected with science is also the reason why scientific subjects are the second kind of problematic exam topics. Lack of background does not let students justify their piece of writing properly. What is more, far too many people do not know sufficient terminology, so the vocabulary used in a particular essay may be not good enough to convince readers to the correctness and authenticity of it. Last but not least, a big problem arises because of an insufficient amount of reliable sources of information about some scientific issues. The difficulty is even increased during exams due to the fact that students cannot even find or check their information, which leads to many mistakes in their pieces of writing.

In conclusion, students are supposed to cover many difficult topics during their exams, even though the vast majority of them are far too difficult to discuss and state in an essay. From lack of knowledge, experience and fixed attitude to difficult controversial topics make them unpopular and problematic among young people. The difficulties with confusing terminology, insufficient amount of science sources and again lack of knowledge is what makes scientific topics the second from the worst topics for students to cover during their writing exams. Although, there is a certain amount of people who like tackling topics like these, a great majority of students find them hard and complicated.

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