How to Write an Essay For a College Scholarship

How to Write an Essay For a College Scholarship
You are often required to write an essay in other to win a college scholarship. Writing an essay for a college scholarship is not difficult. It is just like other types of writing. Most of your college work will be through writing; therefore what the scholarship committee wants is to confirm your ability to communicate effectively through the written word. Use the following steps in your writing process to help you produce an essay that will please the judges and improve your chances of being awarded the scholarship.
Be sure to understand and follow the directions given to you. If you are given a topic, stick to what you are asked to write about. If you are told to choose what you want to write, then you have to be a bit creative. Brainstorm possible topics for the essay on paper. Do not pick a controversial issue as a topic. Be natural in your writing. Do not make any exaggerations. Also be neutral and politically correct. College scholarship essays are usually short, about 350-700 words. Keep your paragraphs short for easy readability. Use proper margins, punctuation and simple grammar. Let your writing style be conversational as much as possible.

Search for examples of college scholarship essays on the net to use as a guide. Write out an outline which consists of the introduction, the main body and the concluding paragraph. In your introduction, tell them what the essay is about. Let it be catchy. Talk about the issue expressively in the body of the essay. Then, end with a good summary and conclusion which should also restate your main points.

Now someone said that the greatest part of writing is rewriting. You have to do a thorough proofreading of your essay to fine-tune it. Use your word processing program to spell-check and remove errors. Check the organization and presentation of ideas, choice of words etc. You might have to remove some points and replace them with others. It is also advisable to read the essay out loud to yourself. Let someone else - a friend or teacher help you read through and offer suggestions. You must not submit an essay that is not properly proofread. If you are not satisfied, you can write another essay on a different topic or approach the same topic from another angle.

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