College Admission Essays - Tips For YOU!

College Admission Essays - Tips For YOU!
Let us start by being honest with ourselves! To make an impression on ANYONE about ANYTHING, you have to be noticed. Offer something different, unusual, out of the ordinary, something that is special to YOU! Well that is what writing any essay is all about! Don't look at it as a chore. Be proud that you are being given the opportunity, to share your thoughts, ideas and expertise with your reader. So how do you start?
Firstly, like most great creations, it begins with an IDEA. It could be some small item about the subject matter that attracts your attention and is important to YOU. Once you have begun your "essay", the interesting and challenging journey really begins. Think of it as an adventure that becomes more exciting and interesting as it develops. You now have an idea; you know where you want to go, so all you have to do is get there! Get a ROUTE map - titled "College Admission Essay."

Of primary importance is RESEARCH. If you are not totally familiar with your chosen subject, then how can you expect to communicate it to your readers? Now start bringing this idea of YOURS alive! There are so many avenues of research these days that you will have to select carefully the type of source that meets your criteria. Do not confuse your thinking with too much conflicting and emotional information. Keep to your original idea and build upon it! As you progress, make notes of reference, they are valuable now and can be so in the future. Always, check your grammar and spelling!

There should now be a defined direction, showing the route you are taking, but be ready to deviate from it, if you are not sure it's the right one? To help you with this stage, make a draft of the essay format and keep updating it as you proceed. Ensure you have a design layout with key words and phrases accentuated. Keep reviewing the pattern and flow of your College Admission Essay, ensuring it is easy to follow and understand.

At the beginning, you will need to make an impact, an "Attention Getter". It may be contentious, controversial, but in every respect, make it different!

Your essay must maintain interest for the reader. It must create the feeling of treading on unknown and unexplored territory! He or She does not want to have a feeling of having read this before. Remember, it is your idea, it is original and you have developed and expanded it. This is how it should be portrayed to and accepted by the reader. It could be worth taking into consideration, that it is not only the writing of your essay; you have at the end, got to sell it to YOUR readers!

As you approach the final stage, of what should have been a satisfying and rewarding experience, the question sometimes arises of "How do I end it"? You must leave readers with something that will linger in their minds. It could be a heavy impact statement, or a thought provoking quotation, but always ensure, that it is your name they remember!

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