Five Possible Reasons Why Your Essay Fails

Five Possible Reasons Why Your Essay Fails
Tired of getting low marks on your class essays? Before you can get those grades up, you will first have to identify your weaknesses. If you don't have any idea, run through this list of some common problems and see if your desired improvement falls in one of them.
1. Your main thesis is weak. Do you have a tendency to choose a weak thesis? If you suspect along these lines, try going for a controversial topic next time. Choose one that "ruffles some feathers," like they say. Sure, it may not be the most ideal, but taking that kind of risk should help you find more compelling topics for next time.

2. Your supporting arguments are insufficient. Do you tend to go light on evidence and reasoning that give your main thesis credence? If you suspect as much, go the extra mile next time. After you think your reasoning is sufficient, throw in a few more additional arguments to support your case.

3. Your essay is just too complicated. Complicated essays usually stem from a lack of clarity in the writer's mind. Next time, devote time to planning and outlining your essay before starting your draft. It can work wonders in your favor.

4. Your writing is too flowery. Some people, when tasked to write for class, tend to go heavy on words they think will impress the reader. A certain amount of creative writing can do a lot to prop up a piece. Too much, however, becomes distracting.

5. Your writing is plain bad. Maybe you just suck at expressing yourself in written form. If you're this way, I highly recommend two things: (1) practicing remedial writing and (2) investing in a proofreading software. The former should help you improve even a little; the latter will help clean up any essay you turn in for class. Both should pay off heavily in your favor.

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