Tips on Writing a Five Paragraph Essay For a University

Tips on Writing a Five Paragraph Essay For a University
Writing is considered as the most common process of expressing one's opinions and point of view. Writing a five paragraph essay is usually a very hard task for a lot of people. There are particular things that one must know which would help in achieving excellence in writing and the best part is that they are not hard to learn. As soon as you get to learn about them, it only requires a bit of practice to become proficient.
Practice makes perfect is what can be said about gaining expertise over essay writing. In order to produce good essays, one has to be grammatically correct and follow a particular format of writing. A great amount of quality research is also required to write a good essay. Essays can be written on any topic whatsoever ranging from history to current affairs. Some essays are very small, while others are extremely detailed and large. One kind of essay is known as the five-paragraph essay.

Five Paragraph Essays - How to Write?

Writing a five paragraph essay is truly not a daunting task. All it requires is a bit of practice and certain basic skills along with a bit of effort. As obvious, a five paragraph essay consists of five paragraphs. The first paragraph is gives an introduction, while the second, third and fourth paragraphs form the body of the essay and are support paragraphs, and the fifth is the concluding paragraph.

First Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is used to present the background of the topic. This is considered the heart of the essay and is the most important part of your entire writing. Remember that this is considered as the heart of the essay due to the fact that it provides direction and life to the entire essay.

Make note that the introduction and conclusion paragraphs are linked with each other. Whenever these two paragraphs are taken together, they can make anyone understand the problem and solution that are being offered in the essay. Working in sequence on both of them would make the task easier for you.

Second, Third and Fourth Paragraphs

The following paragraphs are the body of the essay or support paragraphs. They should be dedicated to solely support the idea of the essay and must not vaguely discuss the topic of the paper. These must be integrated to assure that they do not move away from the main point of view. They may consist of concrete statistics, facts, figures and examples so as to uphold the first paragraph.

They should mainly offer a discussion on the points presented in the introduction. You must also remember that there has to be a clear transition between paragraphs so as to create a flow in the essay. Transition between paragraphs should only be made when it is really required and for that one needs to end the present paragraph with a transitional sentence to open the way for the next one. The skill of transition can be mastered via practice. Make sure that each paragraph ends with a concluding statement so as to create interest for the reader. They should be solely focused on presenting facts and evidence. Avoid the use of informal words and keep your writing and vocabulary simple.

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