Can You Write an Essay?

Can You Write an Essay?
These are all dependent on the abilities and writing styles of the authors. With vast resources available and new issues emerging everyday, the best article is able to catch on and bridge the gap between the old and the new. This will always hinge on the way the new thought from an old idea was presented.
When writing, arm yourself with the tools of a writer - they have their weapons too. Use the thesaurus, the dictionary, and look up the latest idioms and expressions. With this arsenal, you can come up with your own unique exposition. Also, keep on reading the latest editorials and treatises. Reading and writing will set you well in the writing sphere.

Parts of the narrative discourse

In sum, the best output has solid and original content, thought provoking ideas, and verifiable resources. In form it could be contained in one to five pages, or may have two or three paragraphs to contain the three major parts:

" Introduction - The introduction places the whole writing in its context, and its purpose. It is like a map or a road sign informing the reader where the article will take him.

" Body - This will contain the argument on specific points of the subject matter. This is like the filling between two pieces of sliced bread. This part will make or break you.

" Conclusion - the end of the discussion tells the reader why you have believed in your argument. This is always bolstered with the findings from your research. This part of the thesis provides recommendations for future studies and the perfect closing.

The long and short of it

Students are fazed by the one or two paragraph requirement. In this case, you have to fit in everything after pruning the excess information. Whether long or short, the major parts should always be included. But the most logical composition would have enough elbow room for the entire exercise.

Here are some tips in squeezing all those ideas in a one or two paragraph narrative:

" A one paragraph article can have as much words you can put it unless prescribed by your professor. It does not mean that this paragraph should really be that short you cannot even expound on the central idea. So prune the verbiage until you get a strong and well-placed discussion.

" A two-paragraph narrative is trickier. But the experts can handle this without difficulty. You also have to arrange your discussion to make it flow naturally into its conclusion without losing track of the major components.

The well written essay should not keep the reader frustrated with unanswered questions. It should be complete and leave nothing unsaid. It does not however mean that you should use up reams of paper to expound on the relevance of Shakespeare in today's society. That is why you had to pick an aspect of the topic at the beginning and dwell on it.

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