TOEFL Essay - How To Get A High Score

TOEFL Essay - How To Get A High Score
Well, read this article closely because you will learn exactly what you things you need to think about.
The easiest way to explain what you need to do to write a high scoring essay is to discuss the important parts of the essay.

Below explains important components of the TOEFL essay:

Essay Structure

If you follow the proper structure you will obtain a high score for the TOEFL essay structure in the scoring criteria.
Here are the structures for the Independent essay and Integrated essay:


- Introduction
- Paragraph - Reason No.1
- Paragraph - Reason No.2
- Paragraph - Reason No.3
- Conclusion


- Introduction
- Paragraph - Discuss reading passage
- Paragraph - Discuss listening passage and answer to question

Transition Phrases

Transition phrases act as a link between what you have just stated and what you are going to say. Many times you will want to change the direction of your TOEFL essay or continue discussing the same topic but in a different way and you need to link the content together.

Here is what you need to think about when incorporating transition phrases into your TOEFL essay:

- Use them in EVERY paragraph
- Use them wherever you are changing the direction of your discussion

Using Examples

Using examples in your Independent essay is mandatory if you want to obtain a high score.

Below is what you need to think about when using examples in your essay:

There are two types of examples; personal examples (Which state a personal experience) and general examples (Which state a general occurrence related to your reason)
Whichever example type you use, it MUST be directly related to the reason you are discussing.


To obtain a high score for your TOEFL essay it is important that you develop clear paragraphs in your essay. One way to do this is by leaving a space between each paragraph. This helps to separate your content so it is easier for the evaluator to read and follow.


Use the following checklist when you have finished your essay to make sure you have done everything:

- Have I answered the question?
- Have I used relevant examples?
- Have I used transition phrases?
- Have I used relevant examples?
- Have I checked my grammar and spelling?

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