How to Write a Division Essay

How to Write a Division Essay
Comparison essays are used to draw the differences between two categories of items. When you have three or more types of items to contrast against each other, it turns into a division essay, which details the differences and delineations among them.
Finding An Essay Subject

When you're looking for a subject to write a division essay about, it's best to look for those items which are somewhat similar, yet foster certain differences that makes it more sensible to divide them accordingly. In the same vein, look for those subjects that aren't too obvious and have likely been written about many times before.

Drawing The Line

To show proper division, you will need to use the same elements to describe each item. If you classify one of them by function and appearance, you will need to the same with the others. That ensures your readers actually note the relevant factors that make each one different from the next.

Make sure to give ample space in your essay for each item you are discussing. As much as possible, divide your discussion of each one in equal lengths. This usually isn't very hard, provided that you use the same criteria to weigh them.


Like other essays, your division essay should feature an introduction, a body and a conclusion, apart from receiving the benefit of a good writing software. The introduction should make specific note of each division you intend to discuss, along with what criteria you are using to draw those categories. At the least, you should allocate one paragraph body for each division that you discuss.

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