Character Essay - Bind the Personality to Real Emotions

Character Essay - Bind the Personality to Real Emotions
Character essay helps to develop a sense of inner feelings in any character. It is usually associated with readings in literature. A character essay helps in the analysis of the personality throughout the entire novel or drama.
Writing a character description helps to unearth the hidden facts about the qualities possessed by a character. As a writer you get to brush up and sharpen your writing skills. There are certain portions in the novel which are given less importance by the reader. A critical analysis of that part helps to understand the understated points in the story in a better way.

In a character essay you will start off by naming the character. Then with the help of valid textual facts you will emphasize the attributes possessed by that character. For instance in the Shakespearean drama Julius Caesar, if your character is Brutus you will try to highlight the cowardly act of Brutus by mentioning the stabbing act. All his motives were cruel and deceptive, which is more proved by his soft spoken words towards Caesar.

An essay also covers the emotional state of a character. Through the entire play the writer tries to bring out the known human emotions and feelings. This is made clear when we discover the hidden facts in the metaphors and similes.

Make sure that all statements are backed by necessary facts. This way your teacher shall interpret that you have correctly understood the text. Character essay brings to light the real human in the readings.

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