Writing Admission Essays - Toning Down Your Negative Characteristics

Writing Admission Essays - Toning Down Your Negative Characteristics
When writing essays that make an argument based on your personal merits, such as admission essays, it only makes sense to focus on our positive traits. After all, demonstrating an unusual fixation for your negative characteristics is both unhealthy and unlikely to impress anyone in a good way.
However, most anyone who reviews admission essays and similar documents will always look for balance. Writing nothing but glowing reviews of yourself is not only tacky - it makes you look like you're overcompensating for hidden flaws. As such, including some negative characteristics in there will keep your essay grounded.

Here's the rub, though. If you flat out state a negative characteristic (such as "I can be stubborn" or "I'm not a morning person"), it becomes all too easy to judge you based on them alone. To successfully communicate them while not harming your own goals, you'll need to dress them up with a little flavor.

1. Present them as a source of motivation

Negative characteristics are usually best presented as a source of motivation. Instead of being resigned to them, you paint the traits as a catalyst for even greater achievements.

2. Present them as an eye-opener

If you experienced failure or a struggle, you can talk about them in the context of being eye-opening episodes that have made you a better person. Remember to stay mellow and grounded - some overzealous writers have gone overboard using this, turning their papers into a veritable soap opera.

3. Infuse them with humor

Nothing creates a positive atmosphere as much as a good disposition. If you can integrate some humor while presenting your weaknesses, it can soften their overall impact, apart from painting you as a person who can handle difficulties without being harshly affected by it.

Writing Essays Well

Of course, you can always do without the obligatory "weaknesses" portion by foregoing the use of a good proofreading software for English writers. Send your essay in without the benefit of a thorough check and let your poor grammar shine as your worst characteristic.

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