Editing Your Essay For Writing Organization

Editing Your Essay For Writing Organization
Every well-written essay features ideas that flow in a logical manner. If it doesn't, any argument or point you attempt to make will prove extremely difficult for the reader to follow.
By now, you should be familiar, in some way, to the seven organizing principles that you can apply in your writing. In case you need a refresher, your essays should employ one or more of these logical styles of presentation:

cause and effect
spatial order
classification and analysis
order of importance
comparison and contrast
During the editing process, while you revise your piece with a desktop writing software, it's also important to test for your essay's overall adherence to these principles of organization. Doing so will ensure that the logical flow of your work allows it to come across clearly and completely in the reader's mind.
1. Identify the one overlying organizing principle in your work. Most essays will use a variety of these styles throughout the piece. However, one of them should shine through as the main method of organizing the ideas. Without a dominant structure, there's a good chance your text flip-flops between one and the other, putting you at risk of confusing your readers.

2. Identify sections of the text that disrupt this pattern. Are there any portions of the writing that break this organizational structure? Does the disruption serve any particular purpose (most of the time, it's done for a stronger effect)? If you identify one that doesn't necessarily do anything to advance your ideas, try rewriting it to conform with your overall structure.

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