Dissecting Your Cause and Effect Essay

Dissecting Your Cause and Effect Essay
The Standard Five-Paragraph Essay

When writing your causal relation composition, you need not deviate from the usual five-paragraph format. As with any other paper, you can start with an introduction that presents a short background and the thesis statement.
Then you follow up with the main body that you can divide into three parts (the first body paragraph, the second body paragraph and the third body paragraph). Then end your essay with a conclusion that summarizes the main points tackled.


As already mentioned above, this part should reflect the thesis statement you are working on as well as a backgrounder that gives the reader an overview of what the topic is all about. An effective introduction lays out all the issues in a short but sweeping paragraph. Even at this early part, the reader should already have a good idea of what the thesis is aimed at.

The Cause (first body paragraph)

When writing your composition, you must differentiate the factors that make up the causes from those that constitute the effects. You then tackle on the former in the first paragraph. You can start your discussion by identifying the factors you have identified as constituents of 'the cause/s'.
You then give a graphic description of the specific situations or conditions. For a more in-depth treatment of the subject matter, you can illustrate how these conditions affect other related situations.

The Effect (second body paragraph)

This is where you lay out the effects of the given causal conditions. You begin by clearly establishing or defining the effects. You then give a thorough explanation of why such effects have arisen. Again, a graphical description of specific events is required.

The Cause and Effect Relationship (third body paragraph)

The third body paragraph is where you lay down the implications of the causal relations you have defined. You can talk about the significance of your analysis and how it might affect certain situations or people.

It would be further effective to present some recommended mode of actions in response to the analysis you have laid out.


Your conclusion must not only be a summary of the main points in your composition. It must be your important instrument in leaving a mark among readers.

This mark should affect or even change the prevailing perception of the reader on the issue under study and leave an appeal for specific courses of action as a response to the results of the analysis.

The strategy allows you to fit the whole process into the traditional five-paragraph format. Many people claim that this traditional format is already obsolete and should no longer be used.

This is not always the case. What is important is that you adjust to the specific requirements of the type of essay you are making. Here, you have successfully created congruence between the special features of a cause and effect essay with that of the traditional five-paragraph composition.

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