Writing an Essay With a Strong Introduction

Writing an Essay With a Strong Introduction
With any essay, the introduction can either give you a good start or destroy any chance that you'll write a good paper. Make an impact on your readers by following these tips to writing a good introduction.
Start by thinking of what your thesis will be. Have the whole idea for the thesis laid out in advance. Your main idea is the ultimate factor in structuring how your entire essay will be laid out. Thus it must plainly articulate your viewpoint and the way you intend to justify that view within your report.
A good introduction means a strong thesis. Don't just baldly make a claim as your thesis statement such as "Robert Jones was a good man" - try "Robert Jones is a good man because he is generous and committed to being a good citizen" - do you see the difference between those two sentences? The second sentence is clearly stronger and contains information that builds the bridge to your next three paragraphs. With clear and descriptive words like those, your introduction will let readers know instantly what you'll be arguing in your essay.

Begin your writing forcefully to gain immediate interest. Once your thesis is developed, you will need to think about how to compile your introduction so that it will concur with your thesis statement. In order to instill interest in your reader, the paragraph's opening sentence must be strong. The beginning sentence should be somewhat specific. Try to be as specific as possible, a general statement is also a pointless statement. If people know that Robert Jones was a good man, it won't lure them in. Using a phrase such as, "God made both good and evil however with Robert Jones was produced he was visualizing perfection." - see, this comment is not vague at all. That is how you need to start your paragraph if you want readers not to lose interest.

Now narrow down the focus to specifics from your introductory sentence. Once the opening sentence is done it is time to narrow the subject, while sticking to the thesis subject matter. Keep winnowing down and honing in on your introduction to a single main point. Just a couple of sentences that lead the reader to your thesis statement - which is the final sentence of the intro paragraph) are all that will be required.

Make sure your paragraph reads easily. With some focused sentences and then your specific and detailed thesis statement, your introduction will be done. You should re-read the essay several times to ensure that each sentence and paragraph connects to the next, to make a logical chain of arguments. Once you've done this, then you will have written a good introduction that will act as a guideline for the rest of your thesis.

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