Is an Essay Outline Important?

Is an Essay Outline Important?
If you're in school, then you know that writing is just par for the course. In fact, the ability to write a solid the essay is often what gets you most of your mark for any particular course unless of course it's a shop based course. That said, you will find those writers that say that an essay outline is not something that they use and is not something that is important. And you may be wondering whether or not this is actually true. Indeed, there are writers out there that say the best way to write an essay is to simply start writing. But if this a good piece of advice?
Consider for a moment that an essay outline not only allows you to give structure to the essay that you intend to write but also to that acts as a way for you to focus your thoughts as you are writing. Indeed, frequent referral to your outline will ensure that you stay on track. It will also help you more fully develop ideas that come up as you are doing your research. Remember, there's no such thing as a bad idea, only an idea that is not supported by current research. Something else to consider is that in some courses submitting an outline before you write paper is an actual requirement and can be part of the full mark. There are a couple of reasons why this is something that may be done. First of all, it may be the professors way of looking over what you intend to write and making suggestions some of the final paper is that much better. Another reason you may want to do this is to ensure that you will actually develop your own ideas as well.

Remember to that an essay outline is something that is malleable that is you can change it as you see fit. However, for the most part once you've got a second draft of your outline you should really begin to write and make sure that what is contained in your outline actually makes it into your essay. Truthfully, the idea behind this particular tool is that it's supposed to make your writing go that much quicker.

Only after you have your essay outline should you begin to start writing. Has anything you do before hand will be at best unfocused and at worst completely miss the topic itself altogeth

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