How to Research For Your College Essays

How to Research For Your College Essays
Need to do background research for a paper? Keep these things in mind to ensure that you create strongly-documented arguments for your work.
1. Know the types of work you need to reference.

Base your research around the types of work that will serve you best. For instance, there's no way a science essay can get by without referencing research from peer-reviewed journals. In the same way, an essay on government policies will likely require you to pore over legal documents and law journals.
Stick to the main point of your research and never go beyond on what is unrelated.

2. Ask your teacher.

If you're unsure, ask your professor or adviser about possible research sources. Since each will likely have their own preference and biases, you can get around the hurdle quickly by asking them directly.
In this way, you can also add some information that can help your research through simple questions and interviews.

3. Wikipedia is good, but it's not a reliable source.

As good as Wikipedia may look, entries there are practically college essay themselves. If you must use it, employ it as a way to find peer-reviewed documents online. See those links at the bottom of each Wiki? That's where your real research should be done.

4. Organize your research

Make sure to keep your research organized by following specific formats. Some of the best writing software will contain research templates that you can use for your own requirements. Follow their structure to ensure that your notes are kept in an organized fashion.

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