Common Types of Essay Prompts

Common Types of Essay Prompts
Essay prompts have proved to be a common feature in colleges, high schools and universities in so far as essay assignments are concerned. An essay prompt can be considered to be some kind of a support that is aimed at helping one complete one’s essay assignment. In other words, the prompt acts as a guide for the essay writer and is quite handy when a top quality assignment is to be completed. It well may be said then that the essay prompt is to the research writer what a compass is to the pilot.
There are quite a number of types of essay prompts. Some common essay prompts include:

1. Essay format prompts: Whenever a student is asked to complete a research paper or term paper, he/she may be required to use a particular writing style or format. Some of the most common formats that learning institutions demand that students use include Harvard, IEEE, Chicago, MLA and APA. Each of these writing formats has its special citation and referencing style. Furthermore, each format is applicable to specific fields of study. For example, while Chicago is most applied in history assignments, MLA is used mainly for humanities.

2. Essay type prompts: There are several types of essays that one can write, each with its requirements. Some of these essay types include:

Cause and effect essay
College admission essay
Expository essay
Controversial essay
Argumentative essay
3. Essay topic or theme prompts: Many students have problems in choosing topics or themes for their research papers. The essay topic prompt helps a student choose the best possible topic for their research paper.
4. Essay outline prompt: An essay outline normally gives the essay writer direction he/she ought to follow in completing a research or term paper. In this respect, it can help you as a student to keep on track and well organized as you proceed with the writing process.

Essay Prompt Examples

Many lecturers like to provide essay prompts to guide students during essay writing. The prompts provided by the lecturers generally will give the student a sense of direction with regard to the subject and content of the essay. In other cases, the prompts will go ahead to outline the essay format to be applied, the number of pages to be completed, and the type of essay to be written by the student among other things.

Some examples of essay prompts are given below:
1. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Every form of art is basically an imitation of the natural.
2. Discuss the following statement: Change is the only constant thing in life
3. Discuss about any pressing social or scientific controversy
4. In your view, what can your contribution be to a multicultural world?

Writing essay papers need not be a difficult task. What you probably need to come up with a good paper is a well formulated essay prompt which will act as your guide. With such a prompt, you can hardly ever go wrong, more so if you do your research properly and have a good command of grammar.

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