Build Chest Muscle Fast

Build chest muscle fast with the techniques you will learn from this short guide. A muscular chest will make you stand out from the crowd in a spectacular way, and this can be achieved with less time invested than many people think. Here is how to build chest muscle fast.

Tip 1
Build chest muscle fast by not ignoring half of your workout. It is a common mistake to think that only the time when you are striving to lift the weight is important, but that is simply not true. The negative lifting, or release phase can help you speed up your development if you use it properly. Weight lifters at all levels of experience make the common mistake of allowing gravity to assist them. Avoid falling into this trap, and the extra exertion will add greatly to the gains you make from your lifting. This is the most effective way to build chest muscles fast.

Tip 2
Use dumbbells, not barbells. Although working with barbells will still produce positive results, these will not be optimum, because you should be working each pectoral muscle separately. The human body is never exactly the same on both sides, so when you lift barbells you are really allowing the stronger side of your body to compensate for the weaker side. If you use a separate weight for each side, you can tailor the weight to each side's needs, and produce far better results.

Tip 3
Incorporate pull ups into your routine. Chin ups weren't designed to build your chest, but when they are performed with a wide grip, they can be very effective in building the sides of your abdomen and the very outside of your pecs. Following your mainstream chest press exercises, do a few chin ups, and you will notice the difference they make in helping you to build chest muscle fast. There are also side benefits to this work, as your back and shoulders are developed in conjunction with your chest.

Tip 4
Build chest muscle fast by making use of combo sets. As soon as you have finished on exercise, whatever that may be, don't wait to have a rest period, move straight to the next exercise – this can be effective with bench presses and then dips, or even bench presses and wide-grip pull ups – with the extra work that your muscles will be doing, you can make some spectacular progress in a short time.

This guide has given you some important basics in learning how to build chest muscle fast. Apply them and you can benefit handsomely! Check out the links below for some extra resources.

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