Outline for Essay- Keep an Outline Ready to Write Well

Outline for Essay- Keep an Outline Ready to Write Well
Writing a great essay involves hard work and practice on the writer’s part. There are many steps in the process of essay writing. First the writer has to decide on a suitable theme. Then he will have to explore the topic well so that the content matter for the chosen topic is good and original. The various essay formats are to be considered next. It is extremely important for the writer to know how to cite a paper to avoid being charged for plagiarism. While writing and looking for information it is helpful if the writer has an outline in front of him. It will help the essay writing to go in the right direction and not lose focus.
Given below is an outline for essay

Topic: Native American Women in history

A:Cover page (if specified by your instructor)

B. Abstract – a summary of the whole work in no more than 120 – 200 words.

C: Introduction – it will briefly introduce the topic and give the important terms that will be later discussed in the main body. There will be thesis statement on the Native American women

Example: If we look back into the American history we find that women of native origin had many roles to play in the settlement of the colonial rulers. They played important roles ranging from that of an interpreter to that of a peacemaker and a diplomat to even being an economic partner. Though society at that time was not patriarchal or male dominated, many of these women were sold as slaves by their men folk or used as tradeoffs to bring in certain favors and privileges for the tribal groups. They later flowered, even if for a brief period, within these adverse conditions….. They not only did much work to help the Europeans but also helped in the establishment of cordial relationships between the native Canadians and Europeans. They helped the trading companies to flourish by strengthening their political and economic ties through marriage alliances…

D: Body –
1.This will describe the various famous Indian American women like Malinche, Pocahontas, Menchu etc. and will give minute details as to their birth, death and various work that these women did during their lifetime.
2.it will discuss the sociological, political, religious and economic characteristics of the time period of these women
3. will discuss how history has portrayed them and whether this portrayal is correct or not, what are your own observations, supported by evidences form the works of other authors.

Example: La Malinche (1505-1550) was born into a family of comparative wealth and education. After her father died her mother remarried and had a son by the way of her second marriage. After the birth…

Pocahontas (1595-96 to 1617) had a similar story to tell, though her liaisons were with the British. Her life was cut short very early and she died when she was only a little more than twenty, from small pox which….

When we look at native women who helped in the establishment of the fur Trade society in Western Canada (1670-1830) we find a similar picture based more or less on the lines of La Malinche and Pocahontas. These native women …

E. CONCLUSION : it will give an analytical summary of the entire historical representation as presented in the body and will reinstate the thesis statement with strong concluding remarks.

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