Peace Essay – Basic Guidelines

Peace Essay – Basic Guidelines
Writing a peace essay is an easy job since this topic has a pretty narrow scope to write on. You may have to write a peace essay for various reasons. It may be an academic essay set as an assignment by your teacher required to be written in the form of a persuasive essay or an opinion essay. You may write it in the form of an article essay, to be published in some newspaper or magazine. You may also be required to write it for an essay writing competition, peace being a favorite topic with the organizers of such events.
A peace essay requires, you as a writer, to understand the concept of war and peace very well. You will have to analayse the topic and write a thoughtful and sensitive essay on it. Bring out specific and important issues pertinent to the topic and analyse them. Be comprehensive and to the point. Speak about the issues in details. A vague write up will fail to impress your readers. A good essay on peace needs to be written strongly and opinions presented firmly in support of peace.

One can start writing this essay by describing a war scenario. Here one will have to present the devastating effects of war. After this, it will be easier for the writer to persuade the reader to believe in peace. While choosing a topic on peace essay, try to zero in on something specific, and not talk in general about peace. Choose something that is specific and related to peace, as for example, choose the sermons on peace by the three main religions of the world or choose a certain location or country that was devastated during a war and how well it has rebuilt itself in times of peace. You may also speak about a person’s mental peace achieved through mediation and yoga.

United States Institute of Peace organizes an essay competition on peace each year, where each participant has to write around 1500 words on the given topic. People who all are eligible to take part, are:

1. high school students in US, irrespective of what country they belong to

2. high school students in US currently under student exchange program

3. US students currently residing in a foreign country under student exchange program

The main aim of this essay writing competition is to make people aware of the sensitivity of the issue. It is to make people realize that the topic is not just for winning beauty pageants, but also is a matter of grave universal concern in today’s world, with so many people being killed senselessly and needlessly around us almost everyday.

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