Writing an Essay Outline – Write it so well for the best essay

Writing an Essay Outline – Write it so well for the best essay
There are various essay types depending on the intended purpose, use or style. For any given essay writing, its organization and presence of the relevant fields are paramount
Writing an essay outline is one way of giving a structural framework of your essay. The outline serves as the skeleton on which the body of your essay is built. An essay outline can contain the headings, subheadings and major ideas, all crafted into three broad parts – the Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. The references can be cited along with the text or added at the end of the essay.

Writing an essay outline in details

Writing an essay outline broadly is the same, however the major ideas may vary depending on whether the essay is informative, analytical, persuasive, discussion and so on.

Suppose you intend to write an informative essay, before anything, think of what you intend to inform your audience, understand the nature of your audience, how you intend to pass over your information and what you want your audience to achieve.

Introduction: It gives the background of the topic or problem, defining it well, showing your broad view and contribution towards it. Sometimes you may state the style of your essay and how it addresses your points of view.

Writing an essay outline involves listing for example;

Background: Water is one of the most important of all natural resources. It is vital for all living organisms and major ecosystem, as well as for human health, food production and economic development. I therefore intend to further my opinion on rain water harvest and utilization under local conditions.
Problem and its definition: Homes misuse or waste rain water, yet they continue to look for and spend on water from else where, even on rainy days.
Suggested solution/opinion: In this paper, I intend to come up with convenient, cost effective and efficient methods of harvesting rain water as an alternative to public mains water.
Body: This is an expanded and elaborate version of the introduction, expressing your views and findings to details. Now express your ideas in a persuasive manner and of course ensuring their feasibility.

We need to adopt a total product design process project to appropriately come up with an effective system to harvest, store and utilize rainwater safely and with minimum manual operations.

You can further your research by looking for some essay samples and see how differently they can present their ideas in the various essay bodies.

Conclusion: Summarize your ideas in context and give a way forward. You don’t need to explain much, but make sure that your ideas are consolidated.

Analyze well the type of your essay; it counts much while writing an essay outline. Always remember the purpose, use and type of the essay you are supposed to write, seek for essay help, and you can further obtain help for term papers or research papers, since these too entail essays.

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