Writing Good Math Essays – Doing it easily

Writing Good Math Essays – Doing it easily
Some people perceive math as a mere dealing with number operations, a series of complex calculations and that’s all. They see it as a game of trickery and are convinced; it is for the talented few. Mathematics is a multi-dimensional subject which can act as a language, research aid, problem solving tool and extensively used in real world. Believe it or not, we all leave with math – Don’t deny! We need a changed perception towards math, and it is possible through the use of math essays rather than conventional calculations.
Bearing in mind that mathematics is a concept and principle based study, it is vital learning it using essays. Approaching mathematical problems using essays helps the learner grasp the knowledge rationally. This is better than the conventional way which involves only calculation and this is why good instructors emphasize math essays.

Step-by-step guidelines for a math essay writing

The essay may result from a word problem requiring an elaborate working to achieve a particular solution, or a descriptive method of achieving a solution for a given problem type.

• Step 1: Think of a topic, identify a problem from it and formulate a title. Conceptualize to find out what you know about the topic, what knowledge scope you are to cover and whether you need more research or not. Analyze the topic and narrow it down to a specific idea, then formulate a title. Your title must be interesting and captive to who ever reads it, urging them to continue reading.

• Step 2: Write your essay outline. Brainstorm to find out matter that suffices the title. Start free writing, noting what ever comes to your mind about the topic as either keywords/concepts, phrases or sentences. Think of potential questions your readers may raise and cater for them.

• Step 3: Draft using your essay outline. Do not care much about grammar, spellings or punctuation errors; however, emphasize the flow of your work and proper streamlining of the different concepts. If you are writing a solution for a problem, ensure that you are systematic, laying down proper steps with precise and clear instructions, comments, cautions, explanations or illustrations.

• Step 4: Make reference for your draft. It may sound strange making a reference after drafting, but it is the best way to avoid plagiarism and it works especially if you are conversant with the subject. However, you may make reference before your draft writing. Check traditional sources like books, resource people, journals, etc. Get help from websites for essay writing guidelines and sample essays. Check for relevant and missing information from your draft; confirm the correctness of concepts you are uncertain of. Gauge the quality of your essay with those you have researched. Develop your draft by reorganizing, adding or removing content.

• Step 5: Edit and proofread your work. Check for and correct grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. It is vital to check for correctness of stated formulae, any included calculations accuracy or facts.

Math essays require sufficient mathematical knowledge of concepts involved in your topic. The essay should be composed of an introduction, the body and conclusion.

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