Essay Contest – Write One that Strikes the Bull’s Eye

Essay Contest – Write One that Strikes the Bull’s Eye
There are many essay contests that one can participate in, and how much inspiring it would be, if you come out as a winner. There is nothing like winning a contest and even more here, as it would compliment your creative writing skills. This is one place where you can do away with all your inhibitions and let you creativity and imagination take over. However one must take care not to forget the basic rule, that is, not to make any grammatical or spelling errors. These are small mistakes but generally spell doom for the writer if writing for a contest. There are certain points which a writer should keep in mind while thinking about the assigned topic or theme. These are:
1.Think of various different ways to deal with the issue at hand. Many different ways of dealing with the issue means a lot of flexibility while writing the essay. Make sure that the ideas that you get on the topic are attractive and would sure to get notice.

2. Think of an attractive and impressive title for your essay. A title should not be too long or it would fail to keep the reader’s attention, nor should it be too short, as it would give a feeling of something left unsaid. The title should be relevant to the topic and completely in tune with the main theme, or it would not serve its purpose. The title should be such that the reader at once gets an idea what the essay is all about and feels interested to read on.

3. Stick to the prescribed word count at all costs. DO NOT cross the word limit even by one word, as it may disqualify your paper.

4. Take care to follow all the rules that are mandatory for the essay writing contest. If it says start your essay with ” Once upon a time…”, DO THAT. Don’t even think of starting with something else, or your paper may be disqualified. However well your essay maybe, broken rules lead to disqualification.

5. Make sure that your essay stands out. There will be thousands of entries and you paper will be just one of them. So to catch one’s attention write an interesting introduction. You can start your essay with a question that would make the reader start thinking or maybe you can give an anecdote at the beginning and make the reader feel interested. Remember that your only chance to win is, if you can manage to stand apart from the other writers, right at the beginning.

6. Grammatical or spelling mistakes are an absolute no-no as they put off the reader at once. So read your paper twice, thrice, before submitting. Since this a contest the judges will expect a perfect paper from you, so make sure that you give them one.

7. Last but not the least, make your paper sound that you know everything on the topic, so do some research work on the theme. If you have the requisite knowledge then you will also be confident enough and your paper will sound convincing too.

There are many online essays, essay writing examples and sample essays that will help you to learn more about the art of good essay writing. So go through as many as possible before starting to write the paper for the essay contest. We at , with our expert panel of essay writers offer you the best in the field of essay writing and research paper writing services. So come to us if you need our expert help and professional guidance.

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