How to Write a Process Essay

How to Write a Process Essay
When learning how to write a process essay, your main goal is to write a document that describes how something is done or how to do something. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when writing one of these reports is determine what the process is that you will be trying to explain. In addition, you need to determine why this process would be important to your target audience, including what and who the process affects.
Since you will be explaining how a process works when you write a process essay, you will obviously need to gain a clear understanding of the steps within the process. In addition to understanding one method of completing the process, however, you also need to consider other possible methods of completion. When you write your paper, you should choose the method that is the clearest and the most likely to be understood by your target audience.

If you are writing about a process that may be confusing to the reader or that requires an understanding of certain information or processes, you might need to provide a bit of background information in your paper as well. Similarly, you will need to discuss any equipment that might be necessary to complete the process.

In the introductory paragraph of process essays, you will tell the reader what the process is that you will be discussing as well as why it is important to understand the process. In the subsequent paragraphs, which are those that make up the body of the document, you will describe the steps in chronological order. In addition to describing the steps, you might provide a brief summary of why the step is important as well. Similarly, if there are certain problems that might occur during a particular step, you might describe the potential problem as well and how those problems can be handled.

Since a process paper involves describing steps, you will use a great deal of transitional phrases. Examples of transitional phrases include:

• After a few hours,
• Immediately following,
• Afterwards,
• Initially,
• In the end,
• At last,
• At the same time,
• In the future,
• Before
• In the meantime,
• Before this,
• During
• Later,
• Finally,
• First, second, third,
• Next, soon, after

By using these transition words, you can clearly signal to the reader when you are moving from one step to the next.

Keep in mind that a process essay isn't necessarily intended to provide the readers with enough instruction to allow them to reconstruct the process. At the same time, they should have a clear understanding of the process that was used.

In your final paragraph, which is your conclusion, you will summarize the activity you have just described and you will reiterate the importance of understanding the process. When the article is complete, be certain to read it again in order to check for grammar and punctuation errors. In addition, read to make sure the report flows naturally and has a logical order.

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