Metaphor Essay

Metaphor Essay
When I decided to travel to Eastonville, a remote town in Nevada, I believed that would be a regular trip but that was a true journey to the Mars or the Moon, at the least. The road was too long and troubles have begun almost since the beginning of the trip as I failed to get tickets to the plane to Las Vegas, where I was going to travel to Eastonville from.

The problem was that I needed the tickets urgently because it was a real judgment day for me as I was going to meet my grandfather, whom we have neither talked nor met since I was nineteen. Frankly speaking, I don?t even remember why we quarreled that day but we were so angry that we promised each other to never speak or see one another in our life. Since that day we have never met nor talked to one another. I have never had such problems with my family members before and since that day.

I was a real, stubborn donkey in that time. I was stubborn and I believed I was always right. I did not take into consideration that other people could be right. This was probably why I totally ignored the position of my grandfather. The most unpleasant thing was that I did not even remember what the issue was that made us so angry. In fact, that was my stubbornness that made us just so much angry that we have stopped communicating since that day.

Nevertheless, as the time passed, I learned that my grandfather is ill and his days were almost over. As I heard this news from my mother I decided to make a call to my grandfather. Fortunately he responded and talked to me. I felt that he was ready to forgive me, while I begged him pardon because I was conscious of my responsibility for that quarrel. I was lucky, when my grandfather forgave me, but I wanted to see him because I knew that he was about to die. This was why I was trying to buy the ticket urgently and that was a real judgment day for me because I would never forgive myself, if I arrived too late to my grandfather.

However, as I have already mentioned above, I failed to get the ticket on the plane. So, I took the old car of my father, a Frankenstein, as I called it, because the car seemed to fell apart completely but my father had managed reassemble it somehow. But there were always some problems with the car and as I drove to Eastville I had to repair the car over and over again. In fact, it was just a Sisif?s labor to repair that car over and over again because it was absolutely useless and tiresome. Every time I repaired the car, I hope that I will drive till my destination. However, I drove forty-fifty miles and my car broke again and I had repair it again. I was totally exhausted but I had to repair it over and over again because I have no other choice but to do that routine and useless job to get to Eastonville and to see my grandfather, who had been waiting for me since our last meeting and our quarrel many years ago.

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