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Business Assignment
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Over the past 50 years, your company has been a loyal supporter of the Morris County Senior Center. The contributions that we have received from your company have helped this center grow in many ways. Because of your support, we have been able to help Morris County?s Senior Citizens feel like they were young again. Recently, our non-profit organization has run into some financial concerns. The vans that we use to transport our guests are old and run down. Because of this, certain measures have occurred to the disappointment of our guests.

Here at the Center, we serve the needs of Morris County?s 1,000 Senior Citizens. It is the only place where they can meet their peers, use a special library, avoid extreme weather and get a well-balanced meal. Most individuals come here by way of our bus system. These buses are used for various day trips to museums, plays, and similar functions. Occasionally they are used to transport the temporarily disabled to the doctors or pharmacists.

As I?m sure you have heard, recent state and federal cutbacks have dug into our organizations budget. Also, two of our largest supporters have taken their companies else where which has also taken a cut out of our budget. Here at the center we have under taken this special fundraiser to raise the costs of purchasing three new buses.

We figure total costs to be $84,000. This figure includes estimates on ho much the center could gain from selling the old vans. According to our estimates, the purchase of these new vans will be a much better investment than continually fix our existing vans which right now is costing us $300 a week. With you support, our Senior Citizens will be able to again enjoy what they truly love to do, live.

Please help our center reach our goal to purchase these buses. Enclosed you will find a pledge card and envelope. Mark that card and return it today so you can help us fulfill the wishes of those who can?t do it for themselves. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.


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