Murdered Swimsuit Model Case

Murdered Swimsuit Model Case
In the story of the murdered swimsuit model there has been suspects in to who killed Jasmine Fiore who was found dead nude in a trash bin in Southern California. As the research went on to see who killed Fiore, all the blame when to her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins, who was last seen with the victim. In Freud?s psychoanalytic Theory he says how people do things consciously and unconsciously and how some give in to their id.

I believe that after Jenkins the murder of Fiore because he was found dead in a closet of his hotel room, and that leads to that conscious blame that he must have felt after doing what he did. In the article it doesn?t really talk of how he killed Fiore or how their relationship was, but the article does say that they got into a divorce and later on reconciled. After I read this piece of the article I came to the conclusion how Jenkins gave his passion for aggression and how we are all born with this id inside of us and how we just want to have things our way and when we want them. Probably Fiore did not give Jenkins what he wanted and Jenkins in his unconscious behavior attacks Fiore with no mercy till he killed her.

After his ego was met and got what ever he wanted with Fiore he noticed how he had become a criminal, and he must of gotten scared because he didn?t measure the consequences. Jenkins must of looked back at his repellent life and saw how many thing he had accomplished with the media, and everything was going to go to waist because his id took over him.

There are many things that must have passed in Jenkins head before he committed suicide but I believe that in his conscious matter he never thought of killing Fiore because he was scared and probably because he loved her. But deep down in his unconscious thoughts the thirst if killing was always there, and he just needed one thing for Fiore to do in order for him to give in to his natural id as Freud said. The point is that Jenkins killed her, conscious or unconsciously something that detectives, police and doctors will never ever know for they are not in the mind of anyone even if they are dead for their mind was been shut.

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