Power Of The Mind

Power Of The Mind
On the contrary, non-surrender hardens the situation and created the Ego consciousness present and separates you from mindfulness presence. Your surroundings and the people around you become an immediate threat as you perceived in the mind. You treated people around you as your enemy, you judge them for no concrete reason and your perception and interpretations are dominated by fear and caused by impairment mental imbalance of distrust a dysfunctional fearful state of consciousness.

Furthermore, it is not only your psychological form and the impairment can affect your physical body becomes rigid and stiff through resistance. Stiffness could occur in different part of your body and block the free flow energy through the body, the healthy functions of the body is influenced and restricted. Body restriction can be resolved through physical therapy or meditation, can be helpful to restore energy flow temporary but in the long run you need to practice surrender in consciousness in the timeless present that is the permanent release and dissolved the resistant pattern. The past can no longer change while the future is unfolded by the current moment emerging in the now. The trouble that creates in your life situations only you have the power to resolve and break it through surrender, and you held the key to unlock the portal of your life. It is your life, your Infinite Self which exists in the eternal realm of spiritual world in the infinite present. The conscious of infinite life presence that is all you needed.

It is absolutely fine taking action even initiating change to attain your goals. But, surrender reconnects you with the Source energy of your Infinite Self, if you are doing is inspired by the Infinite Self, it turn out to be a joyful celebration of life flow energy that guides you deeper into the present moment. Through relinquish the quality of your mindfulness as a result of what you are doing or created is enhanced amazingly. The results will then take care of themselves and reflect that quality. It is the significance of awareness at this moment that is the major determination of what kind of forthcoming you will experience, so to relinquish is the most important thing you can do to attain positive transformation. Action is not primary, but surrender can transcend it. Any positive action cannot be achieved with opposed state of consciousness.

Sooner, you surrender you see clearly what you have to do to transform the situation you may do one thing at a time that is fine. You must stay focus on thing. Vigilance the change of nature: see how everything is transformed from seed grow and evolve to flower with little or no effort and life unfolds into consciousness that brings gratification or happiness. Nature transforms by itself and surrender to what is. That is the power of surrender there is a guiding force guides you to what you need to do open your mindfulness then ceased to be harness by external circumstances. You no longer need to resist and the light helps you cutting through the uncertainty of unawareness. You can do everything to improve your life all actions will be inspired, but one thing at a time so you won?t be confused and do it right. You continue project your action in the now. Do not worry if you cannot get result immediately, but be patient and anything you do must not be resistant. Furthermore, if you cannot take any action you simply stay still surrender deeply in consciousness now, ensure you are aligned with your Inner Self. When you enter the present change can be taken place from moment-to-moment effortlessly in your part. Life will be easier and helpful if you go with the flow and cooperative. Any inner obstacle cannot emerge prevent you from taking action because you are guided by the light of your own conscious presence and mindful.

You are surrendered to Inner Self your own Infinite being without condition. You surrender your life to the Inner Source transcends your life to live the quality of life you want. Illness is part of your life situation which you cannot avoid. It consists past and the future. It brings forward and will continue until you are living in consciousness now. There are various reasons that create your condition which exists in the past wrapped into the present, but within you there is an Infinite Self that can help you to remove your illness in the timeless present when you activate it.

When you discover your illness you continuously focus on it then it will transform into more pain, mental illness and further transform into heart condition or physical disability. However, if it is a serious health issue you must take steadfast action seeking medical advice in consciousness Now to fix the problem instantly and quickly. You do not surrender into illness, but allow you surrender into the present moment into the state of awareness looking into the cause of karma, and then you awaken to the condition cause of your illness. It opens your mind to enlightenment and makes transformational change immediately. Surrender does not transform what happened, but it transforms you. When you are transformed, your surroundings are transformed because the environment is only a reflection of you.

On the other hand, illness or sickness is not a problem indeed you are the problem. It is you, who cause the illness into your physical body. No illness can emerge to you without your agreement, but do feel guilty or blame yourself. It will make the condition of your illness worsen rather accept and surrender to what is without further resistant. Mirror your illness to good health and constantly believe you will get well soon. Do not fall yourself back to the past or future simply focuses upon the present moment and removes time from your illness. You must focus on the present moment and thing will transform. Do not get angry or feel pity about your illness, but mirror it and use it with spiritual awakening and regain of self-realization and surrender brings to the end of the Ego mind control that pretending to be you the ?false self.?

See if you awaken in consciousness present and transmute illness into good health and suffering into the achievement of spiritual state. You tamed the Ego and accept illness is part of healing transformation and not your true Infinite Self. Your Infinite Self will not get sick and sickness only occurs in your physical body, nevertheless your Infinite Self will temporary be affected. Your Infinite Self is an emotional being. You and Infinite Self are one source blended to walk on the same journey here. However, your illness does not reflect your true eternal self as who you really are. You are always identified as Infinite Being in the timeless present.

If our lives always have choice why do we enter the same old condition over and over again without being mindful that we are on the wrong path? Before we decide to do something, everything is just an illusion nothing is created. We have the power to choose, which strategies or stimulus is right for us and then we make our final decision and take appropriate action and subsequently transform the action into physical form in the external world as our reality. However, choice indicates that we are conscious of what we do in the moment when the decision is made. Without being attentive of your decision you have no choice. In other words, you defy or transcend the mind that you have chosen to do something consciously present in the now. Your spiritual present allow you to make that steadfast decision and derecognize the mind and make decision in the timeless now while the mind still in time. That means you have jumped steps without stop to think, feel and act in certain surroundings according to the conditioning of the mind. However, if you halt trying to think, crave emotions and do it in certain ways in compel and identified with the mind then the mind will guide you back to the same old pattern that you were in previously that the mind feel comfortable so it can stay in the time. You stay completely unconscious and identified with your mind. In fact, it does not matter whether you are intelligent or highly educated when you are unconsciously you still will fall and agree with the mind doing foolish things as a result caused disaster or unhappiness into your life. Therefore, you must make yourself balance in everything and inevitably mindful of your current conditions and do not let the mind set your life and becomes your master that would avoid the potential of sadness, suffering and adversity occurs in your life.

You always have a choice amount all things unless you choose exercise your right, but unconsciously you let the mind recreate the familiar old program that you experienced in the past. Even though it is painful, but it is known to the mind. The unknown is not secure because the mind has no control over or understands it despite not recognizable. That is the reason the mind dislike the timeless present. The mind does not like the present moment since it creates a loophole not only in the mind but also a continuum space between the past and future. Without slip into that empty space nothing new can enter into this world.

It is through that gap the infinite present become possible. The gap can be described as you have a thought and than a second thought, but there is a gap between your first and second thought. Therefore, through the gap between thought give you halt to think and clear the mind allow the infinite present.
Now let?s go back to the question why do we choose to repeat the old pattern or fault over and over again? The reason is you recognize with the mind a pattern created in the past is not separable. It could be influenced by the negative experiences created in the past that you do not deserve to have a good life or you deserve to be punished for some reason stuck in the mind. Perhaps, you have suffered enormous pains in your childhood so automatically you seek more pains unconsciously. But, this is only an excuse or self-created situation. It is the mental emotions that had created in the past, but change can be made by override the past and move to the present moment. You can always crave your thoughts in consciousness present and free yourself from the invalid past and meditate on inner self mindfulness. Only when you act out in consciousness now there is no pain and you break through your unwanted condition, that choice is timeless now.

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