Buying essays is fine

Buying essays is fine
There is nothing wrong about buying essays. Not all people have the skills for writing good essays. But that doesn?t mean that they will be bad students. Buying essays has helped many successful people to achieve their goals. If you write essays yourself, we can recommend you to follow the following tactic:
"Clings" beginning

One of the most useful tips is to make the first sentence or paragraph of the essay interesting, "catchy". So that person immediately becomes interested. Sometimes, this will be interesting to come up with "framing" the main part. It is amazing how a winning essay then looks, well, admission committee can immediately put a tick in front of "creativity". Not necessarily to do so in every essay, but you should always try.

Since the time of writing, I had very little to minimize the amount of work I began with an essay in the HBS. There were many (7 or 8) and HBS had no possibility to choose. Then I used the essay as "bricks" to construct one essay in Wharton and Chicago. The fact that they provide many of the themes to choose from made the task much easier. By the way, applications at Wharton and Chicago seemed to me almost twins - very convenient to do them simultaneously. Stanford is different. Main topic of the essay was "What matters to you most in life?", there is no word limit. I also designed it from the "bricks" HBS, Wharton and Chicago, and strongly recommend NOT doing it. They need a separate individual approach.
Language of Essay

Another interesting question is how to make your language perfect in an essay, especially if you are not a native speaker. Of course, this is not about serious spelling errors, but just about the "coarseness" of some phrases for the ear of native speakers. I have heard two opinions. First - as admissions know that he wrote an essay a foreigner, too pure English may bring a suspicion that the essays are not written yourself. The second - what if the language is not perfect, the admissions may think "what a strange man - he knows that competes with the best of the best and too lazy to pay for proofreading".

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