Read classification division essay example

Read classification division essay example
In order to get acquainted with the style of essay, we recommend you to read classification division essay example. You can find many of them in our library. Also, read the following article to learn the history of essay. In the late 18th century essay as an independent literary form became widespread in the United States. As a rule, they were politics and religion, although B. Franklin successfully combined subjective essays with political satire. James Madison, Federalist with other authors (1787-1788) developed a tradition of Milton logical and serious essays and V. Irving became the first major literary essayist in U.S. history.

In the first third of the 19th century subjective essay flourished under the pen of authors such as Ch.Lem, U.Hezlitt and T. De Quincey in England, as well as R.U. Emerson, J.D. Toro and the United States. This period is significant as the rise of quarterly literary and political magazines, such as the "Edinburgh Review" (1802) and the "Quarterly Review" (1809). Over time, the texts printed in them, have lost their personal essay tone and turned into what is called in modern journalism "articles." The so-called "Victorian era" (middle and late 19th century) marked predominance "serious" or "formal" essay. The most famous of writers of this era was T. Karleyl. His essays were characterized by eccentric literary style, playing with quotations, allusions and hidden ragged rhythm. The ugly side of the industrial society alienated many authors, including D. Reskin and U. Pater. One of the best essayists-Victorians was M. Arnold. Having started as a poet, he later turned to literary criticism, and then to criticize the social. Sometimes, as his opponent played T. Geksli, popularizer of scientific ideas, in particular the theory of evolution Charles Darwin. Unlike Arnold, defending the value of classical education, Huxley advocated wider dissemination of scientific education.
It seemed that in this atmosphere of public debate there was no room for subjective essay. Nevertheless, the last decades of the 19th century gave the world one of the finest essayists in the face of RL Stevenson, better known for his novels and stories. While not as autobiographical as Lamb and De Quincey, Stevenson was able to even discuss such subjects as Darwinism, using a deeply personal tone.

M. Twain introduced to American literature of the late 19th century a new, humorous kind of subjective pseudo autobiographical essay, with its specific narrator - muddled and clumsy.

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