Order your classification definition essay here

Order your classification definition essay here
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The first English essayist in the full sense of the word was Francis Bacon, who wrote his ?Experiments? (1597) in Latin and then translated them into English. Despite the fact that Bacon wrote about the same as that of Montaigne, the subjects of his essays were very different in shape from Montaigne. Most of them are of a small volume and focus on one topic. Written in clear, concise and highly metaphorical style, they are full of the very practical wisdom and precision, which could well be expected from a politician and a scientist. "Serious" or "formal" essay goes back to J.Milton. From his pen out passionate appeals to all sorts of social reforms, such as the establishment of more liberal divorce or the introduction of liberal education. The most famous of his works in this genre, Areopagitic (1644), sets out the arguments in favor of freedom of the press. The main essays in Milton are not so much feeling and experience of the author, as set out ideas of themselves. Essays of D.Drayden as Milton, are serious in tone and push quite specific ideas. They do not have the same passion and wealth of argument, and they are mainly devoted to literary topics. Dryden is often called the father of literary critical essays.

In the early 18th century J.Addison in cooperation with R.Stil published the magazine "Spectator" (1711-1712), developed a form of periodically appearing essay. In fact, he became the first author of a newspaper column. Consequently, the essays are shorter and less severe. Distribution of periodicals in the 18th century paved the way for the conversion of an essay in one of the major newspaper and magazine genres. Many famous writers, such as J.Svift, G.Filding S.Johnson and wrote essays for newspapers. The most of the essays of the time were either political or satirical, subjective essays preserved in the works of Lord Chesterfield O. Goldsmith.

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