Right choice of classification and division essay topic

Right choice of classification and division essay topic
Essay (French essai - try, test, essay) is a literary form, a little prose text, expressing emphasized individual views of the author. The task of the essay, in contrast to the story, is information or an explanation, not a dramatic retelling of an image or a situation. Essays achieve its goals by means of direct copyright statement, which does not require the creation or fictional characters or the plot of the binder. Nevertheless, there is hardly an absolute difference between essay and story. Stories may contain certain elements that are close to the essay author's explanation, the disclosure of pre-history of relations between the characters, descriptions, both in individual essays can be found the elements of narrative, even characters. Choosing classification and division essay topic is one of the most important steps in writing a successful essay.

The main feature of the essay is its brevity, and although the amount can vary from one to fifty pages, it usually takes from ten to twenty pages. An essay has a certain internal unity, which is usually difficult to maintain in the longer prose texts, expressing the author's point of view. However, such a voluminous work, like Walden, or Life in the forest G.D.Toro (1854), consists of separate fragments, which can be read as separate essays, but they are parts of a single product.

Essay is traditionally classified into descriptive essay, narrative, reflective, critical, analytical, etc. For all outward comfort is questionable on the merits, because it is usually a text can combine the two or more of these characteristics. A more accurate and convenient it would divide the entire array of essay into two broad categories: personal, subjective essay, where the main element is the disclosure of one party or another author's personality, and the objective essays, or "serious" where the personal principle is subject to the description of the subject or what -then the idea. For example, an essay by L.Dzh.Hanta Awakening is a first outpouring of the author's feelings, no matter how trivial may seem a reason for his writing. As this essay, How sweet and light M.Arnolda, despite his very distinct personal character, it is evident that the author is primarily set out to convince the reader of the value of their proposals to improve the health of Victorian society, and not show off subtle feelings.

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