Choose classification division essay topic

Choose classification division essay topic
It's not a secret that the most difficult part of the language exam is an essay on the original text.
How to prepare for writing essays and get the maximum score? In this article we analyze in detail all aspects of the job. And the first you need to do is choosing classification division essay topic.

Writing an essay should be on the following plan:

I. Introduction.

How you can start an essay:

● Quote from the original text (or other source) related to the issue.
After reading the text of James Brown, I involuntarily recalled the famous words of Socrates: "Speak, that I see you," because the author focuses on the problem of speech as a reflection of personality.
"Can you imagine the modern world without a printed sign?" - Says John Smilton, inviting his readers to reflect on the problem of the book value in human life and society.

● Rhetorical question (a question which does not require an answer).
Why War? Why mankind can not learn the lessons of the past?

● Problematic issue.
Can the computer replace the book?

● Typical situation (similar to that shown in the text).
It often happens that...

● General information about the problem under discussion.
The development of human civilization has long overstepped that boundary beyond which remained harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Today, as polluted water and air dry up the river, disappearing forests, killed animals, people with anxiety think about the future and are increasingly looking to the tragic consequences of their actions. G. Pesmin. The text also addresses environmental problem...

● Reference to an authoritative opinion on the issue, which is close to the problem.
Psychologists say that the dependence on television is a real illness of many members of modern society. Indeed, each of us can hardly imagine life without television. What is the role played by television in the living of human being? What brings the TV in our house - good or evil? This issue is brought up by the author.

● Create a certain emotional state.
The impressions of childhood, perhaps, are one of the most important memories in human life. Places, which involve the formation of personality, remain forever in the memory, and we did not once look back to this world, adorned with bright colors. What is the role played by own memories about home, the homeland in human life? This issue is reflected by the author of this text.

When choosing classification division essay topic, think of something interesting. If you can?t fins an original idea, ask us and you will get professional help.

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