Thoughts on classification essay definition

Thoughts on classification essay definition
In this article you can find some interesting thought about classification essay definition and useful advices for those, who want to write an essay.

Do not start an essay with the following expressions:

? The text tells...
? Author of the text addressed the problem of...
? This text is dedicated to...
? Article of L. Dolin tells...
? In his text, the author...
? The problem of ... is the main issue that arises in the text.

In any case, the entry should not be very voluminous (2-3 sentences), it should be should be organically linked to the main content of the meaning and style. It is important to remember that the main purpose of the entry is to bring the formulation of the problem.
Formulation of the problem:

The word "problem" (or "question") must sound in the text. And do not confuse the issue with the author's position on this issue. The problem is formulated as a question of either or a combination of the word "problem" with the noun in the genitive case (for example, the problem of loneliness). We must be careful in identifying the problems of the text. Incorrectly allocated problem jeopardizes the entire contents of writings!
Defining the problem, you should think about how the content of the text for you, other people, of all mankind. Remember, as described in the text of a particular situation - this is an illustration, a particular case, viewed by the author. So articulate the problem so that it covered not only the case considered in the text, but many similar situations.

If you think you caught the problem, but do not know whether it is only in the text, then do not take chances. Just write:

● The text brings up a lot of problems, one of which is the problem...;
● The author raises questions about the many challenges, one of which is the problem of...

It is advantageous to identify a problem with the rhetorical question, for example:
What is true friendship? What kind of friends you can name? These issues are reflected by NN (name of the author) in his essay (narrative, text, etc.).
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