Looking for classification essay example?

Looking for classification essay example?
When writing essays, students usually look for classification essay example. It is a good idea to look at the example, but also do not forget to learn the rules of writing essays. When you read classification essay example you don?t know who the author of the essay is and can?t be sure that he is right. Be careful with using examples. And in any case do not take ready essays, use only the ideas of classification essay example. In this article you can read some advice about how to make your essays sound more interesting.

You can use the following verbal cliches:

? The author raises the issue...
? The author touches an important issue...
? The author of the text reflects on the challenge...
? The text raises the problem...
? The problem that the author considers is that...
? Text made me think about the problem...
? I think the problem posed by the author is...
? The problem ... can not be solved but worries the modern man. The author also bothers about it.
? The problem as described by the author is the following: ...
? What is ...? (What is ...? What role in human life is played by...?) This is an important issue raised by the author.
? Why do people love? Does love make people happy? Answer to these complex issues is given by author / writer, etc.

The problem, considered by the author, may be:

? Actual
? Socially relevant
? Deep
? Philosophical
? Political
? Moral
? Topical
? Urgent
? Acute
? Important
? Serious
? Disputed
? Sore, etc.

Examples of formulations of problems:

1. Role of (something or someone) in a person's life.
2. Problem influences (something or someone) person.
3. Problem destination (something or someone).
4. Problem (something or someone) in our country.
5. Problem displacement (something) (something).
6. Problem relationship of generations ("Fathers and Sons").
7. Problem of memory (about someone or something).
8. Problem of moral choice.
9. Problem of humane attitude towards people in need of assistance.
10. Problem of human sympathy, mutual aid.
11. Problem of moral duty.
12. Problem of protection and nature conservation.
13. Problem of preservation and development of the language.
14. Problem. Servility and obsequiousness.
15. Problem of family (kinship) relations.
16. Problem of historical memory.
17. Problem of commercialization of culture.
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