Using classification essay examples

Using classification essay examples
Any teacher would recommend you not to use any classification essay examples. Of course, it is better if you are totally creative and think yourself. But sometimes you can read some classification essay examples just to understand better what you need to write. But be careful with the examples you take, they can be not professional. Read the following tips in order to know how to make you essay look great and impress you teacher.

If you are writing an essay about some text you?ve read, give commentary to the problem.

The verb means to comment, to explain. It does not take place or a paraphrase, not a solid citation. You will need to reflect on some issues related to the read text:

? How important is what the author writes, and why;
? Who and in what situations have to deal with this problem;
? If possible, touch the "background", ie briefly tell us about how the problem is considered, whether other authors have tried to solve it;
? Whether there is another point of view on this issue, which does not coincide with the author;
? What material does the author reveal the problem? ("The author reveals the problem as an example...")
? To what does the author pays particular attention? ("Author pays particular attention to...", "the author is no coincidence...").

It is important that:

● If we say that the characters do - it's a paraphrase, which is not allowed in comments.
● If we say that the author does - this is a comment.

Try to convey the contents of the text, but remember that you do not write the presentation, so try to convey the ideas of the author's with your own words, you can use some quotes, but do not get carried away by them. Feel how the author tries to lead us to an understanding of his main ideas (to the author's position). Please note that you need to comment on the issue, as reflected in the text, rather than just text and its themes and not just a problem in isolation from the text.

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