Classification essay example things

Classification essay example things
Good students want to know theory well before starting to practice. That is why many of them are looking for classification essay example things. In this article you may find some useful information for writing essays on literature.

When writing about the author's point of view, if the story is not conducted on a first-person, use the following phrases:

? Although the author's point of view is not expressed explicitly, the logic of the text shows us that...
? Although the author's point of view is not expressed explicitly, emotional coloring of the text shows us that...
? The author does not express his views clearly, but we understand that...
? It is difficult to identify the author's point of view, NN does not give the final decision on that ... It makes the reader's make own conclusion and find a solution. And yet, watching as the author refers to his characters, however figurative-expressive means, he paints a picture of reality {if you write about these tools, make sure you call, speak to a review, but only if convinced of the correctness of its solution}, I allow myself to suppose that the author's position is as follows: ...

Commenting on the author's position, you can also use these phrases:


? devotes his article;
? polemically sharpens the problem;
? has the emotional impact on the reader;
? makes the reader as an ally;
? vividly paints a picture of what is happening (depicted);
? reveals the essence of the raised problems;
? accurately formulates the idea;
? makes the reader think about the problem;
? indicates considered topical issues;
? trying to find reasons for the negative (positive) effects;
? convinces the reader of the rightness of their position;
? is trying to find a kindred spirit in the reader;
? poses a number of ethical issues that require immediate resolution;
? writes interesting and new to old problems;
? speaks with alarm about the urgent problems;
? openly declares his attitude in relation to ...

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