Using classification essay free sample

Using classification essay free sample
So, you are starting writing essay. And first thing you want to find is classification essay free sample. Is that right? We would recommend you to first learn the theory of correct essay writing and only then look for classification essay free sample. Because you need to know if the example is correct. In our article you
can learn some tips on writing essays on the read text.

You can use the following verbal cliches:
The author admires ...; is amazed... surprised... as if to invite us to admire, along with... with interest is watching... as a good friend and wise counselor, the author talks to us about....
The neutral position (statement of facts)
The author reflects on... seems to invite the reader to a dialogue... shares his thoughts (observations)... puts before the reader an important, pressing issues... attempts to explain complex life (philosophical) concepts.

Censure, condemnation
The author with a heavy heart writes that... spoke bitterly about...; the author is indignant...; the author can not accept the fact... with bitter irony writes about...; using his emotional, excited argument the author comes to no less disturbing conclusion...
The agreement / disagreement with the author and argumentation.

The purpose of the argument is to convince of anything, reinforce or change the view point. In expressing your own opinion, it is not enough to express agreement or disagreement with the author, that is unacceptable to write "I agree / disagree with the author because he writes about ... (thinks that ...)." You're not the reason for its agreement / disagreement with the author writing, and arguments in favor of / against the author's position. But the arguments have to prove something.

First written agreement or disagreement with the author's point of view, and then have to give two arguments (one from the literature and one of the life experience or two from the literature), the third - does not count.

A typical mistake of writing an essay is that if you keep the author's position, it makes no sense to analyze the arguments. You should try not to repeat the arguments of the author, used in the text, but bring your own ones.

When motivate their point of view - you prove your point of view, aggressively tuned against opponent. If in your mind you convince him, then, obviously, and the arguments are appropriate.
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