Getting classification essay movie

Getting classification essay movie
Essay (from the French essai - "try, test ") is a small amount of prose writing and free composition, which expresses the individual experiences and views on the specific issue or question, and certainly not claiming to be an exhaustive answer. It is a rather new type of writing about anything that has a historical, philosophical, biographical, literary criticism, journalistic, popular science, or fictional character.

Genre of essay suggests freedom of creativity. All of its charm is that the author can write all his thoughts on absolutely any subject. Essay is a reflection on any issue. Therefore, an essay may contain controversy with other authors (their point of view). Quotes of other authors is possible, but in moderation and to the case. Essay is absolutely independent work, write with your own style and language, so the less quotes, the better. If you get the task to write classification essay movie, try not to quote phrases from the movies, use your own words. Besides in the classification essay movie it is better to talk about the problem told in the film rather than about its plot.

At the forefront of the essay there is the identity of the author. His thoughts, feelings, attitudes to the world become the basis for the work. Writing an essay can be difficult. This is a selection of topics and writing style.

In addition, to write an essay, it is necessary to know the differences in the style of the essay:

? imagery;
? aphoristic;
? paradoxical.
To send a personal perception of the world the author of the essay:
? picks up the analogy;
? attracts numerous examples;
? draws parallels;
? uses all sorts of associations.
Essay is characterized by the use of multiple means of artistic expression:
? metaphors;
? allegorical parable, and images;
? symbols;
? comparisons.
Essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains:
? unexpected findings;
? unexpected turns;
? interesting coupling.

The specific genre of the essay is characterized by the fact that the title of the essay is not directly related to the topic: in addition to reflecting the content it can be a starting point in thinking of the author, to express the relation of part and whole. Free essay composition is subject to its own internal logic, but the fundamental idea of the essay should be sought in the "colorful lace," the author's thinking. In this case, affected by the problem will be discussed from different angles. If the essay is on a literary theme, there should dominate the analysis of rational combination of art with own arguments, in an essay - the author's position is clearly expressed.

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