Thinking about classification essay on stereotypes

Thinking about classification essay on stereotypes
Essays on social science should be:

? meet the body of social science (philosophy, social psychology, economics, sociology, etc.), which is attributed to the analyzed problem (statement of a thinker);
? contain a relatively narrow range of issues, which are disclosed based on the knowledge gained in the study of social science;
? include explicit and reasoned own understanding and personal relationship to it;
? contain the terms, concepts, generalizations, facts, examples, related to the particular problem being analyzed, differ in their use of correctness;
? characterized by the free composition, ease of narration, the internal unity of meaning, a small amount, well thought-out structure.
If you write classification essay on stereotypes for sociology, you need to fit it into the body of this particular social science. Don?t be too philosophical in your classification essay on stereotypes if it is for your sociology class.

Guidelines for writing an essay:

1. Carefully read the statement.
2. Determine with which social science the topic is related. (Theoretical concepts, scientific theories, terms, facts).
3. Think about the content, meaning, relevance of the utterance.
4. Define your position on the statements: you agree with the author or not.
5. Pick up convincing arguments (facts, examples) to confirm your position, based on the facts of social life or personal social experience.
6. Make a plan briefly specify all your thoughts and ideas.
7. Write an essay in draft form, adhering to the optimal structure.
8. Start your essay with a clear and precise definition of personal items: "I agree (-on) with this opinion," "I can not accede to this statement".
9. The following sentence, specify your understanding of speech, which became the theme of the essay. It is not necessary to repeat verbatim the statement. It is important both to reveal its meaning to become clear context that determines the content and nature of the main ideas.
10. The main body of the essay contains details of your own opinion about a given problem. Each statement should argue using facts and examples from public life and personal social experience. It is advisable that each paragraph of essay contains only one main idea.
11. In the final sentence (paragraph) summarize the essay. It is acceptable to transfer issues that are related to the topic, but have remained unsolved, or indicate the dimensions and context in which the considered problem takes on new meaning.
12. Read the draft version of the content. Check out the style and literacy, check the text against the main features: thematic, compositional, stylistic unity, coherence, consistency, completeness.
13. Make the necessary changes, write the final version.
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