Classification essay outline

Classification essay outline
So, you already have started working on classification essay outline. Even on this simple stage you need help. Read the following article and it will make your work on classification essay outline much easier.

Comment on the problem can be expressed in two ways: 1) in terms of its relevance and different social attitudes to it, and 2) building on the text and the author's intention.

What is prohibited?
- Ignore this part.

- Add a comment to only part of the problem.
- Forget to formulate the problem.
- Allow the distortion of the facts stated in the text.
- Quote or paraphrase the text instead of a comment.

The author raises some problem in the text and he also expresses his attitude to the problem. In journalism it is shown by direct expression. In the art text to understand and prove the author's position he uses linguistic tools, single words and phrases.
Keep in mind that the author can take a position in relation to the problem of negative (pessimism, sadness, anger, irony, sarcasm, anger), positive (joy, excitement, optimism, acceptance), or even neutral. Sometimes the author's position is ambiguous and ambivalent, it is a particularly difficult case to understand the text graduate.

What are the disadvantages of student work in this part? The main disadvantages are the failure to understand the author's position, replacing the author's opinion of the hero of text, no formulation of the author's views.

On own opinion and reasoning. It is important to carefully formulate an opinion on the matter raised and to express agreement / disagreement with the opinion of the author. And then imagine at least two arguments (evidence) to support your point of view.
What could be the argument? Use arguments that are based on literary sources, which do not exclude the presence of the argument from personal experience.
After the formulation of own position, the student can build such a combination of arguments:

The argument from the literature + argument from life experience;
The argument from the literature + argument in the literature;
The argument from life experience + argument from experience.
The lowest estimated third option where the student does not show knowledge of literary material in the light of the lift problem.
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