Many classification essay prompts

Many classification essay prompts
In order to write an essay you may need some classification essay prompts. In this article we recommend you some. We must remember a few recommendations in order to create a good essay.

1. Mandatory formal requirements of this work is heading. Else: content, method of presenting ideas, formulation of the problem, formulation of conclusions, etc. - Written by the author's discretion.

2. The main requirement of a substantive nature of the statement is the author's view on the problem. Here are possible options: a comparison of known points of view and opinion writing, or just an expression of subjective thoughts of the author on the subject.

3. As a means of artistic expression in writing essays encouraged to use different metaphors, associations, comparisons, bringing aphorisms, quotes (but do not forget that the essay - it's still a personal opinion and should not get involved in offline), drawing parallels and analogies . etc. Vitality and dynamism of the text essays generally add questions unexpected transitions, unpredictable conclusions.

4. When writing an essay should avoid phrases such as "In this essay I will talk about ...", "This essay deals with the problem ..." etc. It is much better to replace them with questions, problems, or statement of appeal to the reader, because the main purpose of the essay - to interest the reader, to convey to him the views of the author, raising questions on read, draw their own conclusions on the issues under examination.
The main thing with writing an essay is to express your personal point.

Essay as a document, which is required for admission to the European and American universities, is similar in content to the autobiography. However, the essay is different living style, and aims to familiarity with the personality of the person, his inner life, priorities, values, goals and inclinations. The main task of this kind of essay is to pay attention to are checked by this author. Often in such texts discusses "What I want to achieve in life? What ways and means for this I see? (One such opportunity is usually trained in this school). Why I chose this school, why I believe that I am worthy of study here? (in this case does not require a simple enumeration of the positive qualities of the applicant "commitment", "intellectual talent" and the like, the disclosure of these qualities. example, if approved by the determination of the applicant, you should write "I am purposeful. So how, in order to be able to study abroad, I spent a long time in a language course, participated in such and such competitions, received such and such awards and grants, earned money for training, etc. ").

Thus, writing the essay as a literary, non-fiction, historical, biographical, philosophical work as a written work at school and whether the university, as well as the most important component of a package of documents for admission to a foreign university - is a very interesting and exciting process.

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