Choosing classification essay topi

Choosing classification essay topi
Imagine the situation, that you can choose classification essay topi yourself. We can give you one interesting idea of the classification essay topi. You can write about how you see the future.

Identify the main idea of the work. What, in your opinion, is the future history of mankind - bright, positive, or people are waiting for war, natural disasters, loss of knowledge and a return to the Stone Age? Name the most different options or you may describe the one that seems the most probable or interesting.
Start your essay with an introduction, it is the style of the composition. For example, you can write briefly about the most important stages in the development of humanity, possessed knowledge and technologies. Describe the current situation, and then ask the reader to look for some time to come. From this point you can begin to describe the events of the future, while being able to describe several periods. For example, talk about how people will live in a hundred years, five hundred, a thousand, ten thousand. The use of different time periods will allow you to fully express your imagination.

How to determine what will happen in the future? Describing it, consider this. Think about how they would develop social relationships, in what ways technology will develop. For example, save it in a few centuries, borders, or they wear out, humanity will become one big family? What happens to the cars - will they still use the wheel, or new discoveries will be free to float in the air? How to change the system of education?

Remember to affect major aspects of human life. Write about the future of medicine, about family relationships, about the climate, about how in the future people will work, what new skills can appear. Think about how you will change the man himself - maybe he will open some new abilities. Maybe the human race at large refuses technocratic way of development in favor techno magical. Usual attributes of life become portals through which people can instantly move thousands of miles away. The magic will be taught in schools, and telepathy will do without technical communication. Just imagine what life can be in the future, and describe what you see.

At the end of the composition make the necessary conclusions. For example, write about the fact that humanity, despite all the difficulties awaiting it, not only survive, but settled on other planets. If you see the future in a negative light, feel free to write about it - as the author of essay you have a right to do it.
Be careful when you choose classification essay topi and feel free to ask us for help if you need it.

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