Paying attention to classification essay rubric

Paying attention to classification essay rubric
When you work on writing essays do not forget to pay special attention to classification essay rubric. We recommend you to read information about the correct rules of writing essays and use this information on practice. If you need to learn about classification essay rubric, first of all you need to know that introduction should not be too long ? it is enough to write a couple of sentences in which you move the reader to your arguments.

If you are asked to write an essay on any literary work, write a few words about the author and his place in our literature and the work itself. You can mention some quote that fits the topic of work.

If you're writing an essay-argument, start it with a rhetorical question that try to respond in the future, or general discussions on the topic. Use such a model for constructing sentences: "The author ... is known not only in our country but also abroad," "No wonder ... is considered to be a classic of English literature", "We all thought to the problem?"

The main part of the work, start with a more detailed consideration of a literary work on the subject, open the position of the author, and then proceed to the presentation of his views. You can agree or disagree with the author, have an ambivalent attitude to the product or dissenting position on a given issue.
If your work is devoted to a common theme, it is best to bring some famous quote or poem to mention the author, whose works treat such problems.
In any case, feel free to allocate their position, but do it intelligently and sensitively. Express their opinions, beginning with the words: "We agree with ...", "I (do not) think that ...", "The opinion of ... seems to me ...".

Conclusion. Do not make it too big, write only four - five sentences. To summarize all, write about in the book, make all conclusions in this part of the work.
The conclusion can be started with the words, "So ...", "In conclusion, I would say about ....".

If you have no time or you just don?t know what to write, we will be glad to help you. Any topic has its writers and we are sure that we will find one for yours. Many great specialists work for us and they can take care of any topic.

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