Correct classification essay structure

Correct classification essay structure
This article tells about the correct classification essay structure. We would take the example of essay about the city and tell the steps you need to make in order to write a good essay. First you need to come up with an original name for your work so that it reflects the content. Theme of the city can be opened in different ways, approaching it from different sides.

Make a plan according to which you will write your essay. Break it down into several parts (introduction, main part, conclusion), that is the correct classification essay structure. Think about what you would like to tell in every part of the work.

In the introduction, write about what city you are going to tell about, how it's called, why you want to write about this city, and not about somewhere else.
In the main part tell us more, how old city is, why it was decided to build a city in this place, what was here before, origins of the name of the city and what it means. Refer to the references, and specify how many people live in it. Acquaint the reader with the details of your city, which you write: what known and famous people were born, studied, lived and worked in the city. Remember what famous events took place here. Write about the interesting historical monuments and museums in the city. Share information about what cultural events are taking place in it now, before it can be attractive to tourists. Think and remember, displayed in any way the history of the city in works of art. If so, how? Maybe there are some poems or written songs and it is painted on some famous paintings? Indicate whether there is a history museum in the city. If you've been in it, it may be easier to write an essay on a given topic.

Finally, write a few words about your personal relationship to the city of which you spoke. Share your feelings of this city, whether you like it. If so, why? Tell us if you ever been in this city. Think you would want to stay there to live. Why?

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